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Mar, Frameworks for effective blind source separation of ground borne signals and their applications, Krishnakumar M. Pramod K.V.. Mar
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    Current approaches to generating rhyming English poetry with a neural network involve constraining output to enforce the condition of rhyme.

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    We investigate whether this approach is necessary, or if recurrent neural Angles, Baptiste Both man-made or natural objects contain repeated geometric elements that can be interpreted as primitive shapes. Plants, trees, living organisms or even crystals, showcase primitives that repeat themselves.

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    Primitives are Honari Jahromi, Maryam Through linguistic abilities, our brain can comprehend and produce an infinite number of new sentences constructed from a finite set of words. Although recent research has uncovered the neural representation of semantics Malireddi, Sri Raghu Deep Learning is dominant in the field of computer vision, thanks to its high performance. This high performance is driven by large annotated datasets and proper evaluation benchmarks.

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    However, two important areas in Pedersoli, Fabrizio The work presented in this thesis consists of three main topics: document segmentation and classification into text and score, efficient computation with binary representations, and deep learning architectures Tanha, Maryam By providing network programmability and the separation of control and data planes, SDN offers salient features such as simplified Qiu, Feng Many enterprises have developed various types of web APIs to support their business services, such as Google Malhotra, Madhav Opioid users are an at-risk community.

    Cross appointed faculty to the School of Computer Science can be considered for the Internal-External examiner. The defense committee is normally made up of the supervisor and co-supervisor and two faculty members from the School of Computer Science, or faculty members cross appointed to the School from other University of Waterloo departments. Normally at least two members of the committee will be regular faculty members in SCS. The School's requirements with regard to the committee may differ from the Faculty of Mathematics requirements.

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    Candidates are required to submit paperwork to have the defense committee approved no later than 7 weeks prior to the defense date or sooner. The thesis must be submitted for display in the Mathematics Graduate Office a minimum of 6 weeks prior to the defense date. Candidates must send their application by July 15, The thesis will be evaluated by the award selection committee reported below. Applicants will be notified of the outcome by July 15, The winners must attend physically or virtually the ceremony, presenting also a short summary of the work.